2023 Conference Wrap-up

In 2023 the Aerospace Division highlighted 19 authors presenting their research in the Aerospace Division sessions.  Sessions were held in the following areas. Copies of the papers are available for free at asee.org.

  • Rocketry and Space Education
  • Innovative Pedagogy and Hands-on Learning
  • New Technologies and Strategic Applications
  • Student Success

The division also held a panel discussion on “Future of Aerospace Education: Needs, Opportunities, Challenges, and Tools”, with the following speakers:

  • Dr. Michael C. Hatfield, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Dr. M. Javed Khan, Tuskegee University
  • Dr, Michael S. Warner, Air Force Sustainment Center
  • Prof. Mary E. Johnson, Purdue University

The division also held a topical plenary, “Engineering Education from the Perspective of Customers in the Government & Military”, with speaker Dr. Michael S. Warner.

At the division business meeting, three awards were presented.

Superior Student Paper Award

Winner: Shantanu Gupta

Paper: An Investigation of the Effect of Number of Hot Spots on Taxi Time at U.S. Hub Airports

Young Investigator Award

Winner: Dr. Brian D. Ritchie

Paper: Assessment of a Distributed Implementation of the Entrepreneurial Mindset in an Experimental Projects Capstone