Aerospace Division Administration – Aerospace Division Bylaws

A. Name

The name of this division shall be the Aerospace Division of the American Society for Engineering Education.

B. Objectives

The objective of this Division is to conform with those of the Society but with special emphasis on the objectives of Aerospace Engineering.

C. Membership

Membership in the Division shall be limited to members of the Society that have paid the required membership dues.

D. Organization

The Division shall be administered by an Executive Committee of eleven members.  Ten members of the Committee shall be elected for four-year terms, staggered such that two members are elected each year.  The eleventh shall be the immediate past Chair.

E. Officers

There are eleven members of the Executive Committee.  Five members shall serve as the Division Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Program Chair and Past Chair.  Six shall serve as Auxiliary Members of the Executive Committee, including the Program Chair-Elect, Webmaster, Chair of the Atwood Award Committee and three designated as Members-At-Large.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, officers shall serve one-year terms in succession in each office in the order of Program Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice-Chair, and Chair.  The two Executive Committee members whose terms expire at the end of the annual meeting in June of that year are eligible for election to no more than one additional consecutive four-year term on the Executive Committee.  The Chair shall not succeed himself/herself.

Vacancies in the succession of offices shall be filled by temporary appointments from the Auxiliary Members of the Executive Committee, as approved by a three-member quorum of that Committee.  The temporary appointments shall be in effect until the next annual meeting, at which time the vacancies shall be filled through regular election procedures.

F. Duties of Officers

Chair Oversees administration and conducts official correspondence for the Division; leads the Business Meeting and Banquet and/or Division Reception.  In overseeing the administration, the Chair shall ensure that all duties and tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Vice-Chair – Chairs the Distinguished Service Award Committee; monitors the process for granting the Atwood Award; leads the Hangar session in planning for the next year’s program.

Secretary/Treasurer – Signs for expenditures, receives account reports, reports at annual Business Meeting.  In the event of vacancies in the offices of both Chair and Vice-Chair, the Secretary/Treasurer shall act as Chair pro tempore.

Program Chair – Organizes and implements the Division’s program for the annual Conference.

Past Chair – Chairs the Nomination Committee.

Auxiliary Members of the Executive Committee – The six Auxiliary Members participate in discussions and assist in the conduct of business and programs of the Division.  One member serves as Program Chair Elect, assisting the Program Chair, in preparation for assuming the duties of that office in the following year. Duties for the Webmaster and Chair of the Atwood Award Committee are described in the following articles.  Other members also stand by to complete terms or fill vacancies in the succession of offices.

G. Elections of Officers

One slate of two nominees for the Executive Committee shall be submitted to the Chair by the Nomination Committee.  This slate shall be posted on the website and/or a central bulletin board on or before the first day of the annual meeting.  Additional nominations, with a requisite second, may be made from the floor. The nominations shall be voted on by the members present at the Business Meeting held during the annual meeting.

H. Standing Committees

H. I. Atwood Award Committee

The John Leland Atwood Award, established in 1974, is bestowed annually upon an outstanding aerospace engineering educator in recognition of contributions to the profession.  Cosponsored by ASEE and AIAA, the award, is endowed by Rockwell International and consists of a $2,000 honorarium and a certificate. In addition, AIAA presents a suitably engraved medal and certificate at the annual Aerospace Sciences Meeting.  Nominations may be made by any member of ASEE and/or AIAA.

The Atwood Award Committee Chair is nominated by the Division Chair and approved at the Business Meeting.  Membership of the Committee consists of four additional past recipients selected by the Committee Chair. The call for nominations is issued in the fall. The Atwood Award cannot be granted to the currently serving Officers or Chair of the Atwood Award Committee.  The award, which may not be made during any given year, is presented at the Business Meeting, Banquet or Division Reception.

H. II. Distinguished Service Award Committee

The Aerospace Division’s Distinguished Service Award was established in 1992 to recognize and honor members of the Aerospace Division who have served the Division in an exemplary manner.  The Division Vice-Chair serves as the Chair of the Committee. Membership includes two other Executive Committee members selected by the Division Chair. The Distinguished Service Award cannot be granted to the currently serving Officers.  The call for nominations is issued in the fall. One or more awards are presented at the Business Meeting, Banquet or Division Reception.

H. III. Nomination Committee

The Committee consists of the Immediate Past Chair plus two Executive Committee members appointed by the Division Chair. The Committee selects two nominees for the Executive Committee, one of which will be designated as the Program Chair Elect.  Nominations will be posted for review before election at the Business Meeting.

I. Meetings and Activities

The Executive Committee shall arrange for an annual conference of the Division to be held concurrently with the annual conference of the Society and shall administer such other activities as may be desirable for the purposes of the Division, including the appointment of ad hoc committees.  Members of the Society and other interested persons shall be eligible to attend meetings of the committees.

J. Publications

J. I. Papers: All papers presented at meetings of the Division become the property of the Society, and may be recommended for publication in either Journal of Engineering Education or the Aerospace Division Newsletter by the Executive Committee of the Division.

J. II. Website and Newsletter: The Division Chair shall appoint a Webmaster/Editor authorized to maintain the Aerospace Division Website, and to assemble, prepare, and edit a Division Newsletter.  The number of issues shall be determined by the Chair.  The Newsletter media may be electronic, or print, as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

K. Amendments

Amendments to these bylaws may be made at any annual meeting of the Division upon affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present.  Proposed amendments are to be prepared by a committee of three members appointed by the Chair of the Division.  The amendments are to be sent to the members by letter not later than thirty days before they are to be voted upon.

L. Other Provisions